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Slow Rooms

Slow Rooms

Narrative Space Installation, Berlin 2019

Artistic Concept

Theresa Reiwer

Music / Sounddesign

Kenji Tanaka

Narrative space installation (2019)

Berlin - like many other metropolises - is massively threatened by gentrification and displacement. In an old building in Friedrichshain, which was actually undergoing modernization at the time of the performance, the fictional real estate company WELCOME HOME GROUP presents its new smarthome type. Quasi by definition, the affluent target audience of the luxury apartments in the making has a need for a home that provides a counterpoint to their stressful professional lives. With its certified "Ambience Enhancement System", SLOW ROOMS is designed to induce relaxation and thus optimize the work performance of its residents the very next day. SLOW stands for "Smart Living Orchestrated Well". The system and its decelerating effect can be tested in intensive and individualized individual appointments. Those who wish can also be inspired by the calm presence of the AR co-inhabitant TOVIAS.

Idea, Concept, Text, Stage, Video // Theresa Reiwer
Light // David Egger
Sound // Kenji Tanaka
Support AR-App // André Selmanagić
Logo // Lea Weber-Schäfer
Voice // Lilja Löffler
Lamp // nulight

The AR-App was developed as part of the residency "Production Lab of the AURORA School for ARtists" (EFRE, HTW Berlin). With the kind support of Pentaklon, Beam Around, Northern Lights and Nulight.

SLOW ROOMS received the Mart Stam Award 2019.

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