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[COSMIC PARANOIA] Entropy on Elysian Fields

[COSMIC PARANOIA] Entropy on Elysian Fields



Josef Eckart Theatre, Salzburg, AT, June 2022
LAR Lust am Risiko Festival, Uncanny Valley, July 2022

Artistic Concept

Birke van Maartens

Composition | Music

Kenji Tanaka

A surreal cyber-topia beyond current states and its ephemeral mechanization.

Welcome to an alternate reality, a modified world that is made of bits and bytes: A world in which human consciousness is transferred to digital memory and death gets abolished at the push of a button. While lives pass into the hands of computing systems, humanity attains a new form of existence in which advanced culture dies to enter eternity in virtual reality. With the new digital (I)deal familiar things seem alien, feelings seem false, and collective memory seems to have been undermined while an AI takes over cognitive action.

With humor and imaginative power, the future of humankind and artificial intelligence is pondered, questioned, and speculated upon. The absurd dramedy leads to a single question: What's left of us after all?

Artistic Concept by Birke van Maartens
Sound Design: Kenji Tanaka
Performers: Elena Rebeccato, Jacob Börlin, Katarzyna Niznik, Mira Huszar, Nele Vonckx, Victor Bolzman and Birke van Maartens (A.R.A)
Production Assistance: Erika Filia, Miriam Budzáková, Deborah Sanchez
Outside Eye: Erika Filia
Pictures by Clement Hamilton

Supported by: Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport

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