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Immersive art installation / narrative space and research environment


ARS Electronica Festival 2021, Linz, AT

Artistic Concept

Birke van Maartens

Sounddesign & Soundinstallation

Kenji Tanaka

The artistic and innovative research environment – an 80sqm artificial indoor forest – was created to investigate questions about decision-making in teamwork with AI [Artificial Intelligence] and about explanatory strategies of machine learning systems. 'AI FOREST' was created in collaboration with the LIT Robopsychology Lab (Linz Institute of Technology) and showcased at the Ars Electronica Festival 2021 as part of the exhibition 'Demystify AI'.

Artistic Concept: Birke van Maartens
Project Lead: Martina Mara, Nives Meloni
Sound Design / Sound Installation: Kenji Tanaka
Scenery Design: Birke van Maartens
Scenery Construction: Leonie Haasler, Gabriel Vitel
App Development & Game Design: JKU Visual Data Science Lab
[ Moritz Heckmann, Andreas Hinterreiter, Christina Humer, Marc Streit ]
Research Design: Benedikt Leichtmann
Special Thanks to: Mykologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft am Biologiezentrum Linz (Otto Stoik & Team)

AI Forest emerged from the research project HOXAI – Hands-on Explainable AI, in which the LIT

Robopsychology Lab and the Visual Data Science Lab at JKU Linz collaborate as project partners.

Funded by: The State of Upper Austria and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research via the LIT – Linz Institute of Technology

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